Conservation Communicators Aotearoa has Become an Incorporated Society!

By Kimberley Collins  |  27 February 2019  |  News

Our community started in 2018 with a Facebook group. We wanted to create a support network for people who are communicating about New Zealand’s wildlife and wild places while encouraging a stronger sense of community.

We expected to attract a few dozen people, but the group quickly grew to a few hundred and today, we have more than 500 members from across Aotearoa!

But after running a successful Conservation Communicators Hui in 2018 and brainstorming with attendees about how to move forward, we decided to become an Incorporated Society. This will allow us to apply for more funding to run events, create resources, and continue to support the community.

Our founding committee includes:

  • Cam Hayes (co-chair)
  • Kimberley Collins (co-chair)
  • Paul O’Shea (treasurer)
  • Taylor Davies-Colley (secretary)
  • Terese McLeod (fundraising and grants)
  • Te Kawa Robb (rangatahi and mana whenua engagement)

If you’re interested in joining the committee, please get in touch. If you’re interested in joining Conservation Communicators Aotearoa officially, then you can join through our website right now!